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Stair Carpet


Ranging from classic to contemporary styles, The Rug House offers a huge selection of stair carpet to choose from in a variety of designs, colours, sizes and prices to suit your needs.


Stair carpet is useful in high traffic locations such as your stairway or landing. Offering safety and style, stair carpets are eye catching and provide a homely feeling.


The Rug House supplies a cut and binding service so the stair carpet you choose will fit perfectly within the area.


Price – Prices are listed per running metre or foot. Stair carpet begins at approx £5 per ft or metre measured. All stair carpet at The Rug House is under £20, depending on the measurements you require; the more foot or metres, the higher the cost range.


Material – Commonly, stair carpet is made from synthetic fibres as the material is long lasting and strong within high traffic areas. The Rug House also supply stair carpets created using Jute/Sisal materials.


Colours – Our stair carpets come in an array of colours. Most stair carpets are dark in colour such as brown and black shades, so they appear cleaner within high traffic areas. We also stock multi coloured, patterned, red and other coloured stair carpet.


Size – Stair carpet comes in foot or metre lengths with various widths available. Rug widths vary depending on the style and range. Please relate to our rug size guide for information based on stair carpet measurements. Contact The Rug House customer service team for stair carpet requirements.


Shape – Stair carpet is usually long and narrow, although wider and shorter lengths are available for smaller stairways or landings.

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