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Door Mats


Door mats benefit you as a home or business owner as they help absorb moisture and remove dirt from shoes or paws. Generally placed outside or inside your entryway, door mats are inexpensive and a useful addition as they improve the appearance of entrance areas, reduce slip hazards and prevent dirt from entering your premises.


The Rug House has many doormats to choose from in an array of colours, styles and sizes, in various materials.


Price – The majority of our door mats are within the lower price range, which is under £10. Heavy duty interlocking rubber matting is our most expensive door mat range at just £20, as this safety mat contains additional benefits including oil and grease resistance and adapting to ground contours on uneven surfaces. Whatever your price range we have a door mat to suit you for under £20.


Material – Our door mats are made from rubber, synthetic or coir fibres as these materials are strong and durable, so are long lasting within high traffic areas such as the entryway. Other materials include mixtures of polypropylene and PVC or cotton and polypropylene blend. Most of our door mats are practical and safe as they contain rubber backings, so the mat stays in place. Underlay’s or non-slip control spray is also available at The Rug House for those rugs that do not contain secured backings.


Colours- We have a range of colourful or neutral door mats which come in plain or patterned designs. The Rug House has ‘Welcome’ door mats, striped, patchwork and natural coir door mats with wire brush dirt catchers. The colours and designs vary, so we will have something to suit you.


Size – Our door mat range offers a wide range of sizes to suit most requirements. The Rug House smallest door mats are approx 40cm x 60cm which suit narrow door entryways. Sizes can go up to approx 120cm x 180cm. Large door mats are usually used for the entrance of a business establishment as the rubber backing and strong material ensure safety and durability.


Shape – Door mats can be oval, runner, rectangular or half moon so that it fits comfortably against your doorway. With so many different shapes to choose from we are sure you will find a door mat that is perfect for your doorway.

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