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Commercial Mats


Rubber mats provide safety and comfort as the material is non-slip and offers a cushioning. Ideal for commercial use or high traffic locations, rubber mats range in size, colour, shape and style.


The Rug House supplies many rubber mats suitable for an entryway, kitchen or any other heavy traffic areas.


We offer heavy duty, hard wearing barrier mats, dirt catching mats or commercial door mats which are made from rubber. Whatever you need, we have it.


Price – A budget friendly choice; rubber mats are as low as £6.00 and under £20. Prices may vary according to size.


Material – The natural rubber material is biodegradable, thick and durable so it can be also used for exterior use. Some of our barrier mats also contain a mixture of rubber and cotton fibres, generating a soft but strong rug. Rubber mats are machine washable.


Colour – Most of our rubber mats are dark in colour as they require little cleaning maintenance and retain that new look, longer. Our rubber mats are black, brown, grey or red.


Size – Rubber mat sizes range as small rubber door mats are presented as well as larger commercial mats which can be cut by the metre. A cutting service is offered as some of our rubber mats come as runners so lengths can vary.


Shape – The Rug House supplies many rubber mat shapes such as runners, half-moon and rectangular. We supply all your rug needs.

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