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Why is a flatweave rug perfect for your home?

A flatweave rug is a great affordable addition to update your interior without breaking the bank. One of the continuing colour trends this season is indigo blue. Indigo is most striking alongside warm metals, grays, dark wood tones and off whites. This stunning flat weave is the perfect example of indigo and off-white, a perfect addition to your living or bedroom.

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Being reversible means that essentially you have two rugs for the price of one. Whenever you feel like you need a change just flip it over to give your interior a fresh new look.

Flat weaves are lightweight making them easy to lift to move to different areas or when cleaning. They are perfect for under dining room tables because due to the woven quality chairs can be easily move around on them.

This quality also makes them great for a playroom or kids bedroom. Flat weaves are most often made from cotton which also means they are great for rooms where children are playing as they are less likely to affect allergies.

Being available in natural styles means that flat weaves are perfect to add texture into your living area with infringing too much on your overall interior design. They will also protect your flooring.

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The woven, flat texture and being available in a range of bright or neutral colourways means that flat weave rugs perfect for any type of hallways.

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Some flatweaves are made especially to be suitable for outdoor use which is perfect for an outdoor area where you might have a tendency to slip, on decking for example.

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