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When did it all go Grey

2010 Apparently. And it’s been growing in strength every year since. Grey used to be seen as drab, boring and only to be used in interiors by the most daring of individuals but not anymore. Grey is literally everywhere, it is the key trend for wall paint, kitchen units, bathroom tiles, window frames and even exterior house paints.

The move towards grey stems, in some part, from the move towards LED and low energy bulbs which give off a much cooler light than the tungsten bulbs of old. This cooler light is paired much easier with the cool hues offered by grey tones than warmer beige tones.

This along with the increased trend in recent years towards stainless steel appliances, the abundant use of glass in new homes and fuss free white kitchens and furniture have left people seeking colours which compliment contemporary interior design materials.

Mark Woodman from the US based colour forecasting giant Colour Marketing Group (CMG) says “colours have to connect with the zeitgeist of the times”, Woodman points out how the “vast movement of grey began to emerge after the 2008 financial crisis” pointing to the potential link of grey to the mood of the people.

The first mass market signs of the popularity of grey came from the world of upholstery – Made.com offer upholstery for their trendy sofa collection in a palette of 44 shades of grey but more tellingly DFS reported a 35% increase in grey sales of grey furniture in the last two years meaning grey has truly become a mass market staple. DFS design Director, Philip Watkin, believes that the increase in the popularity if grey interiors is because “Grey can be a mood enhancer – our research into the psychology of colour found that this shade make people feel comfortable”.

The soaring popularity of grey tones in the home has also been widely linked with the increased popularity of another key trend – Scandinavian. Scandi style favours minimalist, clean lines and muted palettes. Black and white interiors were the cornerstone or Nordic decor but people seeking a dialled down version of the monochromatic trend moved swiftly to the more calm shades of grey so prevalent throughout Ikea and other Scandinavian stores.

Kate Watson-Smyth, a respected interior designer and author, says “Grey is the new magnolia”. The large number of grey shades available also make it the perfect colour for adding depth to an interior plan without introducing lots of colours – grey comes in tones varying from warm greens and yellows to colder pinks and blues which offers a much wider choice of tones than the traditional magnolia and cream offerings of the past.

According to Charlotte Cosby, the creative head at Farrow & Ball, “Grey provides a quiet backdrop to boulder coloured soft furnishings and accessories”. Grey is the perfect accompaniment for the new trend colours which have come in with a bang the last few years, namely ochre, teal and blush pink, all of which look set to stay! Grey walls with grey ochre rugs, ochre cushions and matching ornaments have been one of the staple trends in interior design for years now and with subtle changes from bright ochre to more muted mustard ochre, it’s a trend that keeps updating and renewing and finding new followers.

Wherever the origins, grey is quite clearly here to stay! Once window frames, kitchens and upholstery all went grey it was inevitable than soft furnishings would follow so embrace the change and go grey …

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