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What Colour to Paint my Shed – Get a Rug to Match

Painting your shed transforms your garden. Also it helps to last longer as the wood is protected by the paint or stain.

Vintage-style blues, greys and greens must be the most loved shed colours at the moment. Who can resist a duck-egg blue shed with eaves and a window?

The first thing to consider is where is your shed, and what is it for? Most people will have their shed merging with the fence to minimise its impact on the space in the garden.

Greens and blues are wonderful garden colours, and blend into the landscape.

Remember colours will look slightly brighter outdoor than they do indoors, especially if your going for the more pale options such as grey and duck egg. When trying out pale paint shades for your shed, you may need to go two or three shades darker to get the effect you want.

Painting your shed door in a contrasting colour – or just painting the door and leaving the rest of the shed as plain wood or brick – can be remarkably effective.

A nice way to blend in your shed is to match the colour of its surroundings, so if for example you have lavender surrounding the shed it’s nice to paint it a purple lilac colour.

To compliment your new colourful shed we have some amazing outdoor rugs which are weatherproof and easy to clean, below are some of the options.

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