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Wabi Sabi – The Japanese Ethos Influencing Interiors

Wabi Sabi is an ancient Japanese philosophy of finding beauty in imperfections. This age-old ethos asks us to take a step back from sleek glossy finishes and appreciate that life isn’t always perfect. Not simply a trend but a cultural change in attitude towards home interiors, this has begun to influence what we bring into our home and how we style it.

Natural living

We can incorporate this style into our home by introducing natural textures in neutral earthy tones. Soften tiled floors with a woven rug in wool or jute fibre; the Katherine Carnaby Coast collection is perfect for this.

Need more colour?

Some of you may wanted to add a little more colour for your personal tastes and that can be incorporated by adding a distressed rug in your desired shade. There is a wealth of choice in tones so just pair with what your interior tones are. This Halcyon rug adds lovely deep shades of indigo with light teals.

Flat weaves

These are great if you wanted to add the Wabi Sabi style but keep you interior modern as they usually add a geometric pattern. The sloan range is perfect for this.

Persian Rugs

Each hand knotted persian rug is completely unique and will add authenticity to your interior. They can be found in a wealth of natural colours and all come with intricate patterns. Being handmade these beautiful rugs will have individual flaws, which is the true essence of Wabi Sabi. Beauty in the imperfect.

Natural Hides

Bringing that natural element into your home interior couldn’t be easier than with a cowhide or sheepskin. That each one is completely unique and will have its own flaws will guarantee to be in keeping with this trend.

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