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Using Rugs to Zone an Open-Plan Home

Traditionally, kitchens were tucked away at the back of the home. Small but functional spaces, they had their time, but with a modern family the kitchen also needs to be a space for entertaining and hosting.

An open plan living area can be a combination of a kitchen/diner, kitchen/living room or in some cases all three! Having these areas of the home connected without walls can really help create the heart of the home. It means that there can be free movement of people and conversation throughout. (It also means you aren’t stuck cooking in the kitchen with no one to talk to!)

But when is open plan, too open plan? Even though there are no dividing walls in this trend, a house still needs some form of boundaries. When building or renovating a house to be more open, architects and designers often advise you to “imagine the walls are there” when planning rooms. Despite the hilarious irony, it makes sense. Each space should still be its own defined area, whether or not there are physical walls separating them.

The perfect way to design rooms without walls is to create zones/areas in the home. This can be done easily with rugs. The right rug in your living room can help to define the mood for that space. We associate our living rooms with comfort and relaxation, whereas our kitchens are centered more on utility. To help show this divide why not try creating a cosy, inviting zone for you to chill out.

This is important as there is a risk of the large space feeling cold, as your kitchen, living room and dining room are essentially one really large room. A thick shaggy rug under your coffee table would be the perfect addition to warm it up.

Zoning your open space becomes even more integral if the flooring remains the same throughout. The meeting between tile and wood would create its own natural border, however if this isn’t the case in your home you can use rugs to help do something similar.

If you want your living room to seem like its own room, separate from the kitchen, why not try an extra-large sized rug to designate the entire area as a living room. For this technique the rug should be large enough to contain your sofas and tables. The idea being, that the rug can act as a border around your living room.

Like this beautiful room shows, the large rug can act as carpet as it contains everything from the living room on it.

A large area rug underneath your dining table can make it feel more like a dining room, rather than a table in the middle of your sitting room. It’s nice to create a space to sit down and eat with the family, especially when it can be too tempting to sit separately in such a large space.

One trend which is popular at the moment is placing persian and oriental rugs under the dining table. Our own range of persian inspired rugs are spot on for this trend, at a reasonable price too, just in case there are any messy eaters at the table.

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