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The Many Dimensions of Ochre / Teal

Ochre is quite a versatile colour, it can be combined with many colours to create new and innovative styles, here are a few combinations to get you started.

This is a modern, simple and cool look which is fun, it is a combination which is sure to add interest to your home.

Consider painting a statement wall in a striking teal such as the Farrow and Ball Stone Blue (Paint Link)

Add Ochre accessories such as rugs and cushions to create a striking and fun contrast

Bombay Brush StrokesĀ 

Yellow Shaggy

Ochre and 50 Shades of Grey

If you have followed the popular trend of intruding the many shades of grey to your home then adding ochre is the perfect way to inject some warmth whilst also adding a touch of style which is bang on trend. We have some fabulous rugs you could consider to create this look.

Herringbone Ochre

Sharp Herringbone

Ochre and Blush

This is a very exciting palate which is just emerging, it is soft and soothing, it allows you to create a very warm and welcoming space which evokes feelings of cosy nostalgia whilst at the same time exuding style and sophistication.

This palate can also be also vamped up by adding a contrasting deep teals and graphite shades of grey.

Mottled Blue Shaggy

There are many more rugs to match up with the teal and ochre theme, you can browse our rug range here:

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