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The Best Ways to Clean and Care For Your Shaggy Rug

These 80’s rugs are back in style with a bang but cleaning and caring for these soft and fluffy fibres may seem challenging. If you are wondering how to clean these shaggy rugs at home, then don’t worry it is possible.

First, we need to loosen the dirt – Take the rug outside and hang it over a fence or a clothes line. Beat the rug with a brush just hard enough that will loosen any trapped dirt or dust.

Set your hoovers cleaning head to a high pile with the lowest suction option.  Hoover out the dirt thoroughly.  Flip the rug over and hoover the backside of the rug as they do tend to gather dirt and dust.

Dry Shampooing – You can purchase absorbent carpet-shampoo granules for an occasional maintenance. Work or brush the granules into the rug with a clean soft cloth or soft bristled hand brush, allowing the shampoo to sit for the length of time recommended, normally about one hour. Hoover out the granules thoroughly to reveal your clean and freshened shaggy rug.

Steam Cleaning- you can steam clean a shaggy rug once or twice a year, at becomes soiled or stained using a steam cleaning machine, hot tap water and a non- foamy carpet detergent. You must leave the rug to dry for a couple of hours for placing back on your floor. Shaggy rugs absorb a lot of water and can stay wet for a long time.

Accidents happen, so for occasional spills soak up immediately using a light colour absorbent cloth, blot the stain from the rug rather than rubbing the stain further into the pile. Keep rinsing the cloth and blotting the stain until the cloth is no longer lifting colour from the rug.

Always check the manufacturers cleaning and aftercare instructions and if your rug is dry clean only, take it to a dry cleaner as attempting to clean it at home could potentially ruin the rug.

Don’t let these simple after care tips put you off investing in a luxurious shaggy pile. They are wonderful to touch and add a friendly warm touch to simple décor.

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