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Stick a rug over it – Hide Those Nasty Floors

Let’s talk about that hopeless floor in your home. You may not be able to sand over the wooden floor, or dont have the budget to completely carpet the area, we have some solutions for you below.

Layer Area Rugs 

Layered area rugs are trendy and do a great job of hiding an ugly apartment floor. They’re also perfect for hiding “problem spots,” such as stains or excessive wear on the existing floor material.

Go Big!

A great way to cover up a nasty floor is to go large with your rug order, we have some XL & XXL in many of our designs, not to worry our large rugs won’t break the bank as they come at a really affordable price.

Neutral Tones

If your floor is dark or caked with lacquer over time the best way to lift this floor is to use a more neutral toned rug which is cream or white.

Helsinki Cream – SHOP

Runner Option

Sometimes along a hall near a radiator floorboards may need lifted to sort out a plumbing issue, over the years the floorboard can get tatty looking. A great way to hide this is add a runner to the hall, it also adds some warmth and colour to the hallway.

Milan Runner – SHOP

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