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Sourcing Rug Manufacturing Plants

The Rug House are one of the largest rug retailers through-out the UK and Ireland, both online ( and offline, from the company’s new bespoke showroom.
The leading rug retailer sources rugs directly from manufactures from all over the world. Over this ten year period the firm has built strong business relationships with reputable international companies based in Belgium, Turkey, India and China.
Sourcing rugs is an ongoing process of developing new products and partnerships, therefore we, The Rug House believe that it is vital to visit manufacturing companies and their manufacturing plants to ensure fair trade and quality of the products. (maybe insert fair trade logo/pic)
This entry is to give you, our customer, a behind the scenes look at the process we have captured when sourcing rugs from manufacturers.
Recently we visited the beautiful Turkey for six days.
Before our departure, we prepared our hectic schedule were we planned to visit four different companies and their manufacturing plants. Our management also allocated some time to visit local shops and markets were we could make some rug purchases of the fabulous Turkish Persian Rugs. We also hoped the local rug retailers would help us gain more product knowledge on high end rugs.
The journey began on July 4th 2014 from Heathrow Airport, London.
On this sourcing mission both managing directors, Paul and Clare Vallely, and Purchasing Manager Suzanna Hall, were the trade team; although Paul and Clare had travelled earlier as they had the important task of purchasing Persian Rugs from the local stalls.
On the 4th of July Paul and Clare boarded an early British Airways flight which was flying directly to Istanbul where temperatures soared between 27-29°C.

Paul at Heathrow airport
4th – Paul and Clare arrived in Istanbul that evening were they had some time to visit the amazing Sultan Ahmed Mosque (also known as the Blue Mosque because of the blue tiles adoring the interior walls).
Here Paul and Clare gathered some history as they learned that the grand and striking Mosque was built between 1609 and 1616 and is one of the biggest attractions in Istanbul.

Paul at the Blue Mosque
5th – On their second day in Istanbul Paul and Clare visited the local rug stores for ideas and purchasing opportunities of high end Turkish Rugs.
During the day the duo arrived at the famous Egyptian Bazaar, which is known as the oldest and largest covered market in the world with massive crowds nearing 400,000 daily visitors.
After spending the majority of the day almost walking their feet off, Paul and Clare had a successful visit to the market as they made some great rug purchases and met with the local rug retailers at the stalls.
At the end of a long day Paul and Clare took a trip to one of the city’s major tourist districts, Taksim Square were they got to try out the local cuisine at one of the many restaurants. After a short dinner, an early bedtime was in order as day three seen lots more walking and work.

pic of a rug store in Egyptian Bazaar
6th – Up bright and early Paul and Clare visited the Spice Bazaar which sells spices, nuts, seeds and dried fruit. This market is known as the spice market located before the Bosphorus bridge, linking Europe and Asia.
Purchasing Manger Susanna arrived in Istanbul. From here the team flew from Istanbul to Gaziantep, in the South of Turkey, were management had arranged to meet rug manufactures.
Gaziantep is a historic town which is known as one of the oldest continually inhabited cities in the world.

Bosphorus Bridge
7th – Heat scored in Gaziantep where Paul, Clare and Suzanna began to meet manufacturing plant owners and visiting manufacturing plants.

Paul and Suzanna inspect a rug
The large weaving machine shows the rolls of wool used to create the rugs.
At lunchtime, Suzanna and Clare have a traditional Turkish lunch in the factory canteen.

Clare and Suzanna view the showroom

Suzanna and Clare get a traditional Turkish lunch
After visiting the factory the team then visited the company showroom to see the finished product.
8th – The itinerary for the second day in Gaziantep was to visit another manufacturing plant were the group examined another rug manufacturing machine.
After the factory visit everyone visited the company showroom and examined the finalised rugs.

Here you can see Paul speaking with a rug manufacturer regarding this marvellous, colourful patchwork rug.
After work Paul, Clare and Suzanna went for dinner with representatives of the factory to a beautiful rooftop restaurant looking over Gaziantep.
9th – On the last day in Gaziantep the team visited two more factories in the region.
The showroom in the last factory visit was also the design room for the company’s in-house design team.
10th – The team flew from Gaziantep back to Istanbul.
Once Paul Clare and Suzanne arrived back in Istanbul they visited the local rug shops once more for a final look around to see if they could seek out any more quality rugs.
After a long day shopping in Istanbul everyone was pleased to catch the flight back home were they could relax a little and rest their aching feet. When the team reached the office they immediately began working on new designs for our new rug ranges as the ideas were fresh in their minds.
Paul and Clare were eager to go ahead with the work with the reassurance of the quality of manufacturers and their conditions for workers.
The sourcing mission proved very successful with another business relationship formed with manufactures across the globe.
Our design team are now developing designs and ideas through working with the manufactures’ design teams to provide our customers with excellent high quality rugs.

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