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Some Rug Myths Busted

How some people drive us crazy with mis – information. Some myths are amusing and some serious. Here we have our favourite myths gathered over the years.

Rugs can make allergies worse.
While it’s easy to see the logic behind this one there is no scientific research to suggest the case. In fact, because allergens need to be airborne to affect sufferers, these particles being caught in the fibres is preventing them from triggering allergies. If you make sure you are hoovering your rug regularly, no rug should ever cause problems for allergy sufferers.

Mould and mildew can grow in carpet.
Mould and moisture exist ONLY where there is excess moisture and dirt. Eliminating moisture and controlling humidity will greatly reduce the chances for mould to grow.

Slave labour is used

Many have the view that slave labour is used to make rugs in particular in the middle east. Any factory we source from we have visited and ensure that the working environment is acceptable to us. Also persian bought from the middle east are sourced through a reputable contact, which provides an income for family groups that have no industry around their community.

Rugs are Really expensive

Our companies aim is to provide rugs to the customer that gives them the designer look for less of a price. Our own brand average price is £27.95 which is a great prices for an exclusive designed rug which is made from great quality yarn.

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