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Silk style rugs often made from viscose or cotton offer the look and feel of a real silk rug at a fraction of the cost.  They are also extremely practical and are designed to be non-slip on all hard floors.  They will maintain their shape and position in areas that have a high volume of traffic. All viscose rugs are easily vacuumed. Silk style rugs should be hovered twice a week if possible.  They can be taken outside and put on a clothesline and a beater used to remove any dirt or dust. Regular cleaning and good care will ensure that your rug remains in good condition and lasts longer.

Rugs can fulfil many different purposes from helping to bring together a décor scheme to dividing the areas in an open plan home or room. Unlike hard floors and carpet rugs can be repositioned in seconds and can be moved to different areas in your home. A rug is a great investment as it can be taken with you if you move which is an advantage for people who rent.

Safety – Rubber back anti slip mats and anti slip fleece padding and sprays for Hessian backed rugs make rugs a safe floor covering that helps protect against injury if someone falls on a hard floor, particularly important where there are and elderly. Floor rugs are also great for protecting floors from furniture moving and this is why a rug is often placed under a dining table or sofa.

Nowadays silk style rugs can be purchased in the Versaille Range which is machine washable making it very useful in busy households with a lot of foot traffic where time is very important but you still wish your home to look good. Also available is the Keshana range, which is the nearest thing to real silk rugs in terms of looks and feel but without the hefty price tag.  children

Take a moment to check out our rugs for sale and filter through our range to find your perfect rug. We have a collection of sizes, styles and colours for you to choose from ranging from coloured large rugs to small runner rugs.

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