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Runners Adding Character to a Hall

I wasn’t happy with my hallway for a long time, it looked drab, stark and pretty boring to be honest. It wasn’t until a friend recommended putting a hall runner onto the floor to create some interest and character.

If you are like me and have ignored this space, here are some tips to help to put some life back into your hallway.

Placing a brightly coloured runner in the entrance hall can make a world of difference. It will help all your guests make a dramatic entrance and gives them a warm welcoming feeling.

The kind of runner you place in your entrance can set the mood for the other areas in your home. If you are aspiring for a country, rustic retreat then tartan designs are ideal to create that textured, cosy look. Persian rugs are known for their intricate decorative patterns and use of earthy and red based colours, so they can make a traditional hallway feel part of the house and extra inviting.

If your hallway is your main entrance and foot traffic is heavy, a rug provides a comfortable surface to walk on while protecting your floors. It is a good idea to choose a darker patterned runner rather than light colours as these will begin to look dirty sooner.

Your floor will dictate the colour of the runner most suitable. Dark stained flooring could use a runner in a bright colour like yellow and white for instant contrast.

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