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Rug V Carpet – What’s The Difference

The word carpet and rug are often used interchangeable , but the two are very different products. Carpeting usually extends across the entire floor from wall to wall and are secured in place, rugs only cover a specific area of the floor, are used under a table.

Rugs help to define a specific area in the room, allowing you to easily switch your decor scheme to match the rug. When used in a large open floor plan, a well-placed rug can bring together dissimilar furnishings to create a more cohesive look.

Carpeting secured to the floor with glue and tacking strips doesn’t move or create slip, trips and falls for the home’s occupants as a rug can. When used in coordination with a design or decor scheme in the home, wall-to-wall carpeting unifies the different rooms in the home and can make a small home seem larger.

Since you can more easily wash and dry them, rugs may make a better choice for those with allergies or young children that may cause a mess. With a rug, you can have a hardwood or tile floor, but still retain some warmth by covering it with a rug where needed.

A lot of ranges now come in a material that is completely machine washable or washable outside. In particular our flatweave rug range are ideal as they can be used both indoor and outdoor and can withstand the outside elements.

Another huge down side to carpet is that if your looking to change it due to its becoming dirty or looking to change the colour scheme, it can sometimes be a large job and also destroy some of the floor below and the surrounding wall.

It come down to want you really want for your home, is it long term uniformity or do you want the stylish variable options that a rug would give you. If you want to choose some rugs for your home then check out our large rug range: www.kukoon.comĀ 

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