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Rug ‘N’ Roll Stars – Why Musicians Use Rugs

As the music festival season approaches, many musicians prepare for their summer tours around the world.  As music lovers we spend endless amounts of time indulging ourselves in audible sweetness from Rock ‘n’ Roll guitar solos to the harmonies of the Blues Players. 

Have you ever considered what preparation goes into these concerts apart from the music aspect? The days, weeks, months of extensive planning of stage layouts, security, hotels and travel arrangements.

But have you ever thought? Why is there an Oriental rug on the stage?

Let me explain one thing first!

An Oriental rug is considered as an investment piece that, when cared for, can become an heirloom. Its a quality item capable of being handed down from one generation to the next. They are literally art you can walk on, and they are one of the few old-world quality items you can still buy.

But that still doesn’t explain why musicians use them, right?

Let’s jump into the Delorean to find out where this originated!

Musicians for hundreds of years have been using all kinds of methods to block out noise interference, many people believe that Oriental rugs have only started to be used by modern day musicians. However this isn’t true, history shows that orchestras used these beautiful unique rugs under percussion instruments to help with the sound absorption.  Thus this tradition has trickled down through generations of music from jazz, hip hop, country to the new age metal bands.

Honestly who would have thought the members of a rock band would be shopping for an Oriental rug for their stage? Not many! Though considered by musicians as a more effective method of blocking noise interference than a normal floor carpet, they believe that Oriental’s offer consistency with sound, reliability and uniqueness in look adding to their creative ambiance on stage.

It can be fascinating to see how rugs can be beneficial in the role they make in a musician’s performance and stage presence.

Performers need help in reducing the noise levels so they can sync with each member of the band.  This is a massive reason why these stunning, thick and handmade Oriental wool rugs are chosen to be used under their instruments as they’re an effective sound attenuator.

Regardless of music genre, these unique handmade works of art are used by many artists as seen over the years on BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge or The Jools Holland Show.

Rock ‘N’ Roll Stage Evolution

The science of Rock ‘N’ Roll has dictated stage layouts from the defining moments in Rock from Jimi Hendrix at Woodstock to The Foo Fighters at Glastonbury.

The construction of the stage can have a major effect on the artist and their performance. Due to endless hours performing rugs are put underfoot to provide a soft cushion underneath them and to help reduce fatigue.

Stages are generally built with a hard surface for safety reasons due to the large number of cables. During live performances stages can become slippery so  the sheer weight of a Oriental rug prevents any slippages or tripping up over important cables.

Meant to Be

It is as if these beautiful handmade Oriental rugs where made for a music industry in mind as they elegantly block out that horrible echo noise straight after a note is played!

As Mozart said  ‘The Music Is Not In The Notes, But In The Silence Between.’

We all, as music lovers want to say to the Oriental rug – We Salute You!

Not only do you provide the soft, luxury cushion underneath our favourite artist’s feet but you also allow them to pump out the epic harmonic sounds that we’ve been waiting to hear for months live on stage. Leaving us all with the obligatory sore throat, muscles and ringing in our ears which we wear as a badge of honour!

If all this talk of music has you in the mood for some good listening here is a link to the foo fighters performing live on their rug set:

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