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Red Is All The Rage – Add Some Passion To Your Home

Ruby, crimson, scarlet or cherry, whichever name you choose to call it, red is the colour of passion, energy and action. If you are looking to bring some excitement to your home, red living room decor is the way to do it.

Bringing this color into your home can create a dramatic impact, but if you are worried about painting all of your walls in this striking colour, why not add just a splash in the form of a rug?

Barrington Red Shaggy

The boldness of this true red adds a courageous colour choice into your home. This luxurious shag pile will add warmth, softness and comfort to your interiors.

These stunning red Bokhara rugs are hand knotted in Pakistan by village weavers in a timeless elephant foot motif design. Made with a soft double knotted wool pile to produce the unique finish offered by this traditional collection. The quality and elegance of these rugs in their traditional red, will create an authentic traditional feel. We have a wide selection of Persian rugs in our Belfast & Newry showrooms.

This red flat weave modern, geometric design will provide you with that on trend look. The richness of the red colour brings the pattern and texture together to beautifully accentuate living spaces and add a modern vibe to home interiors. Browse

We have a wide selection of red coloured rugs just visit our website to find the perfect one for your home. 

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