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Purple rugs are very much in fashion for the 2010/20011 season and are great for kid’s room or for funky teenage rooms.  Purple rugs are also best for studies and offices as they help to create a more conducive working atmosphere.   There is also a wide variety of Purple Rugs to choose from online with many different colours and shapes available.

Purple rugs need not be expensive and can be purchased in many different fibres with polypropylene and wool being two of the most common fibres used in today’s rugs.

If you choose bright purple rugs they should be washable as they will get dirt very easily. You should also consider buying an inexpensive one as you may become fed up of a striking colour.  As a result of purple rugs becoming so popular it is now possible to purchase different shades of purple including lilac, viola, aubergine, and plum. Purple rugs are now very much in trend especially modern purple rugs such as purple faux sheepskin, aubergine purple bath mat sets, and lilac shaggy rugs.

Information on cleaning your purple rug can be found in our rug care guide. You should try to vacuum twice weekly if possible.  Regular cleaning and good care will ensure that your rug has a long life and always looks good.  We have a range of other rugs for sale that inlcude various sizes, shapes, colours and styles, ranging from coloured large rugs to small bathroom mats

Purple modern rug


Take a moment to check out our rugs for sale and filter through our range to find your perfect rug. We have a collection of sizes, styles and colours for you to choose from ranging from coloured large rugs to small runner rugs.

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