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Old Becomes New – Traditional is the New Interior Rug Trend

Traditional rugs have been seen as ‘old fashioned’ for a few decades. However, the classic style has slowly but surely made its way back into our homes, as more and more people realise its beautiful and historically-rich potential.

Royal Reds

A very common colour seen in traditional rug designs is a rich red. Reds and golds throughout history were symbolic of prosperity, passion and wisdom, like this stunning Farhan below.

Farhan Red 

Farhan Design – With a mixture of elegant all-over patterns and blend of soft colours, the elegant and distinctive designs in our Farhan collection are a brilliant way to bring the traditional style into your home. With a truly timeless appeal, they’re sure to bring a touch of classic luxury to your room. Available in red, black, beige and green.

Farhan Black

Farhan Green


Coming in a range of colours and designs to suit any interior, hand-knotted persian rugs are incredibly long-lasting and beautifully unique pieces to bring the wow factor to any room. They are filled with symbols, all carrying their own meanings.

The central element of a Bokhara rug design represents a cross section of a pomegranate, a symbol of vitality. The lotus flowers surrounding represent purity, while the alternating red and white dots around the inner border stand for spots of light for guidance.

Each and every hand-knotted persian rug is totally unique and intricate – rug makers will normally leave an unnoticeable but often deliberate mistake in the rug, in line with the belief that only the Supreme Being can create something perfect.

Distressed traditionals

A modern take on the classic traditional style of rug is the distressed traditional. This mottled effect brings with it a more neutral style, creating a serene atmosphere. Take this gorgeous Fading World Louis de Poortere rug, for example.

Louis De Poortere 

These styles usually come in cooler tones, like blues, greys and silvers – helping you easily tie the room together with modern interior decor.

Patchwork traditionals are truly unique rugs, with many patterns merging to form a single piece of art on your floor. These can really tie a room together with their many colours and patterns – great if you can’t decide on just one pattern!

Milan Patchwork

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