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New Rugs to Match the Vintage Look

Many home are filled with vintage rugs, mainly from Turkey, and a few from Morocco as well. They are collections that buyers will love forever.

Vintage rugs are unique. 
Similar to vintage clothing, there is an appeal when buying a vintage or distressed rug.  When you spend so much time and energy on a room you want it to feel unique. Shopping vintage rugs helps a LOT with that because it’s pretty tough to find the exact same one twice

Vintage rugs last.
The thing I love most about my vintage rugs is that they LAST. Most of my rugs have some wear (some of them a LOT of wear) when they arrive to my home. I like that they are already worn in and I love the idea that they have lived in many homes before us, and that they will live in many homes after us, too.

Buy for specific rooms.
Many people have a lot of experience with this mistake, buying a rug because they like it not sure if it will fit. Well, that might work, but it might not. It’s much wiser to shop with a room in mind and measure in advance to know what size you need.

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