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New In! Exclusive Designer Rio Rugs

Rugs are an important part of interior decor, especially for multi functional spaces like living rooms. Besides having a soft under foot and creating warmth in the space, living room rugs also frame organised focal points.  Often used as artwork too,  they help determine the style and color scheme.

Rio Moroccan

Moroccan rugs are still making a splash in global interior trends. With this distinctive design created by our in house designer to imitate the hand made moroccan wools, which are often based on ordered geometric shapes or simple harmonious bands of colour, these rugs can bring inherent sense of modernity and drama to a room.

Rio Scandi Stripe

Scandinavian style is characterised by three key components – functionality, simplicity and beauty. Although simple in design, this new rug has clean lines incorporated which brings understated elegance and warm functionality, which creates a very homely feel. Combined with the two most popular interior colours of the year, Grey & Ochre, this rug really does have it all.

Splinter Grey

Like so many enduring designs, geometric patterns are once again trending in interiors this year.

This trend is all about balancing colours, prints, and textures so they all seamlessly enhance one another without overwhelming the viewer. The neutral tone of our splinter rug provides an understated look allowing it to compliment the other colours in the room.

Abstract Ochre

There are boundless opportunities and reasons to fill your room with an abstract patterned rug. Abstract rug designs can evoke calm, passion, fascination, drawing the eye of a visitor to your room. Again the mix of the ever popular Ochre & Grey colours will ensure this rugs popularity. They would fit in perfectly in a contemporary modernist home, which is looking an artistic flair.

Abstract Terracotta

The same design as above but with terracotta tones will allow warmth to those spaces in the home through earthy tones and textures. If your are going for the natural look with a modern twist then this is the rug for your home.

Rio Patchwork Black

This is easy living patchwork design is a beautiful blend of lines. blocks and artistic patterns forming a striking feature for your home. Ideal for a home that is looking for a darker but netural center piece for their living room.

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