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Don’t over look children’s rugs as educational tools. We all know how important visual images are to a child’s development. We use wall charts and pictures but more often than not we overlook kids play mats. We know that children learn best with the idea of repetition and visual representation. That’s why in bedrooms, on fridges and in all classrooms you will find displays of some form.

The floor can be a blank canvas for reinforcing learning. With such a wide variety available today the possibilities are endless. There are many different styles that are ideal for playrooms, bedrooms or family dens. They will add a splash of colour to the room but also help your child master important concepts. 

The multiplication children’s rugs is great for helping with the times tables. The times tables are so important and will be the building blocks of your child’s mathematical skills. A visual representation will help your child to master the understanding and make learning fun. 

Another great rug is the alphabetical rug. As anyone who has a primary school aged child will certainly be familiar with Jolly Phonics. This type of rug is a great way to interact with your child especially using pictures e.g. B for Ball. It will then become second nature to connect letters with the correct sounds. 

The possibilities are endless why not make your own giant multiplication or alphabetical rug with a giant bed sheet. It could be an area that your child struggles with e.g. if the child struggles with ‘The World Around Us’ you could both paint a massive map of the world and play a game such as “if I’m in Spain what continent am I in? If I am taking a swim here what ocean am I standing in? What animals would I find in Africa? And so on.

Most importantly learning should and can easily be fun. Your child will think they are playing games but the are actually developing many new skills through play.

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