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Mad Hatter Tea Party – Colourful Rugs He Would Use

The mad hatters tea party is well known for its outlandish style, bright colours and eye catching patterns is the main styling. Below we will look at the type of rugs that would maybe feature at the party table.

A multi colour option does not need to be too mad. The best way to add in multi colours is in a basic stripe pattern so the individual colours can be clearly identified, its enough to grab your attention but not distract you.

A subtle way to add in some mad colour patterns is to incorporate some floral patterns, the naturalistic look is easy on the eye, while the colour add that nice splash of colour.

The colours do not need to be bright and vibrant, like these reds it can be a deep rich colours which is strong enough to catch you eye, red especially works well with creams and greys.

If any rug was to be the main center piece of the teat party them something like this would be the one. Its kaleidoscope mix of colours combined with the unique Persian pattern it really would be the main topic of the conversation.

If the mad hatter had a bathroom for his guests then it would probably look like something like this. Very neutral basic decor with some mad pops of colour mainly using pink as the eye catching tone.

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