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Living Coral & Grey – Match made in heaven

Living Coral the beautiful subtle pink tone that is the Pantone colour of the year 2019 is a perfect match for the consistently popular grey everyone has in their home.

It’s a real pop. And not one for the faint of heart. But actually, Coral is one of the easiest colours to add into your interiors.

Coral can also work with neutrals beautifully as demonstrated in this living room with the neutral wall base colour and accompanying tables.

Now, you don’t need much of it, a glimpse in some artwork, a cushion or two, or a throw. Basically, just enough to add a bit of fun. Without these coral accents, this autumnal blue room might have felt a little too cool, but with the clever use of this warm and tropical colour dotted about this room it adds an edge and showcases this smokey, grey blue perfectly.

Given the UK’s love of blue, partly because of the ease it fits our UK rooms, coral is the perfect accent colour with blue as they sit opposite one another on the colour wheel, otherwise known as complementary colours.

Like in this bedroom the deep rich tone of the charcoal walls are lifted by the fresh bed sheets that have the living coral colour.

Again the grey tones here work really will with the living coral colour. The grey walls and sofa and the gorgeous chevron grey rug. If you would like to find the perfect rug to go with your new colour selection browse here: 

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