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Is My Rug Pet Friendly

We all want that gorgeous home that won’t ever have any kids dirtying that velvet sofa or a throw which the dog won’t tear to bits. It sounds idealistic but you can achieve this while having your loveable pets indoors.

Inexpensive Rugs

You don’t need to speed a fortune to get an amazing looking rug. We offer great designer looks at an affordable price. The benefit been if your pet has an accident and it cant be sorted it wont cost an arm and a leg to get a new one. The rug featured below can be bought from only £26.95.

Manhattan Empire – SHOP

Match Rug to Fur Colour

Not only would you be using your dogs colour as an inspiration it would reduce the unclean look of clumps of dog hair gathering and contrasting against the rug. Focus on going for small patterns and dark colours. This will mean you haven’t got large areas of light coloured block patterns where pet hair will be more visible, and stains will be prominent.

Vancouver Navy –  SHOP

Washable Rugs

If your dog is prone to causing a mess on the rug or running in with dirty paws then a washable rug or mat is essential. We offer some great ranges that are both washable and weather proof. One is Luna which is our kitchen / Door mats and Habitat which is our indoor outdoor range.

Habitat Range – SHOP

Luna Range – SHOP

Finally, if you stay on top of your pet’s hygiene, this will, in turn, mean your home will stay cleaner, longer. If you are regularly brushing and bathing your animal, this will mean you are in fact removing loose hair before it ends up covering your rugs, sofas, cushions and beds!

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