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Incorporating the Barrington Shaggy Rug Range into your Home

A shaggy rug can be used in multiple ways in your home interior. Made with a longer pile they add softness and depth to any room. The Barrington range is the perfect shaggy rug as it comes with a luxurious lustre and in an extensive colour range.

In the Living Room

For a modern interior with clean lines in neutral tones try the Barrington pearl or blush to tie your colour palette together without being too fussy. Fancy a pop of colour? No problem, add one in ochre or teal and use accent cushions in similar shades to pull the look together.

In the Den

The den is where you all want to relax together and nothing creates that relaxing feel quite like a Barrington. Perfectly soft for the kids to lie on while watch TV and with a slight lustre to catch the light giving a sense of movement. The duck egg barrington will give a fresh cosy feel to your family room.

In the Bedroom

A shag can be functional as well as fashionable in the bedroom, adding softness underfoot when getting into and out of bed. By adding a block colour rug to the floor you allow your bedding or curtains to be the statement. Your rug colour should complement the shades and the Barrington range has plenty of options.  

In the Kids Bedroom

A brightly coloured shag like the Barrington red or purple can bring a fun pop of colour into your kids bedroom as well as being easy of little knees with playing on the floor.

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