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Hygge Home With Rugs

Hygge. Pronounced “hoo-gah,” this Danish expression is an attitude towards life that emphasizes finding joy in everyday moments. Hygge is about celebrating coziness and warmth and at Kukoon Rugs we have loads to make sure you have that feeling in your home.

With the use of animal throws in your homes such as sheepskins and reindeer, it gives a look of luxury and that Hygge feel. Sheepskin rugs are perfect for keeping areas of your home warm, but what is so often overlooked is that they don’t just have to be placed on the floor.

A sheepskin rug underneath a coffee table in your living room can help to make the room feel cosier and makes a large living room feel a little more intimate.

A great way to use sheepskin rugs is in a room that features a lot of natural wood.  If you have hardwood or laminate flooring in the space, adding this type of rug will add to its warmth and make a very inviting space.

If you have selected a great-looking rug, do not be shy about placing it in the centre of the room to create an interesting focal point that will draw the eye to it immediately.

A quick and simple way to create that warm cozy hygge feel is to drape over a chair a fur rug, it creates a soft visual effect on a hard cold surface like a sofa and it also its super soft to sit on.

We have a wide range of rugs that would fit in perfectly with your hygge theme and you can find them here: www.kukoon.com

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