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How to make your home a Pinterest heaven

The beauty of the décor side of Pinterest is the infinite range of styles and themes, which are constantly being updated. From the simple and crisp Scandinavian style, to unique and classy traditional styles influenced by the rich colours of Persia, there is really something for everyone.

A common theme amongst home décor ideas on Pinterest is the addition of simple patterns, whether it be through the use of a rug, cushions, furniture or decorations. In the photo below, we can see how the addition of a simple Scandinavian design can transform a space.

Get the look by including this Halcyon rug to your living room to open up your space.

Add black and white cushions to a brown leather sofa. Paired with the rug, this lifts the mood of the room to something more welcoming.

For more fine, crisp lines, try this Moroccan rug

To bring the Pinterest look to a bedroom, a useful tool is the addition of textures, which can add comfort and serenity to a space. A shaggy long-pile rug or sheepskin and some thick woven throws can really achieve this look.

In the kitchen, a great idea not only for practical purposes but also for a touch of elegance, is to add a runner along the sink/cooking area. In the photo below, we see a gorgeous traditional persian rug with brass and gold tones, accented by the brass decorations on the countertops and the gold taps and handles.

Handmade Persian rugs are the highest quality and longest lasting rugs, perfect for this look. Kukoon Rug Belfast showroom has a beautiful Persian room dedicated to these rugs – or you can have a look on our website.

Another great tip for any space in your house is the careful addition of decorations. They can really bring a room to life. A popular decoration theme on Pinterest is the addition of plants and picture frames which will add character and freshness to the room.

Pair this with a flatweave rug and you’ve got a space with an aura of relaxation. The Sloan rug, which comes in a variety of colours all boasting the same simple geometric design:

Whichever Pinterest idea takes your fancy, you can always find the right rug at to complete the look!

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