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How to Layer Rugs

How to layer rugs – An interior trend that is here to stay

Have you ever thought of Layering Rugs in your home? This may seem like an unusual design concept but actually it is a simple way to add texture and pattern to your home and is very on-trend with the current Tribal or global interior trend.

A contrast in textures and prints can really pull together a space especially if interior walls and furniture are minimal and have a neutral colour base.  Read on to find out our top Rug layering Tips!

1.Keep the base colour neutral

A Jute or Sisal Rug is a great starting point and keeps a uniformity whilst highlighting the desired space. Placing a centralised patterned rug adds structure and creates a focal point in the room.

2. Incorporate different sizes

Using different rug sizes allows you to centre a smaller rug over your larger base or area rug ( Leave at least 1 foot all around the centre rug) This creates a very eye-catching rug border effect and also highlights the rug details such as fringing.

3. Add animal hides or sheepskin rugs

Animal hides add a luxurious texture and look especially good when layered over a simple textured or patterned rug. A sheepskin feels beautiful underfoot and is perfect for bedside rugs.

4. Use contrasting textures

Layering contrasting textures will add a focus to an area and can also define spaces such as work areas and relaxing spaces.

5. Mix patterns

This can take some courage and you may need to experiment with different patterns to find the combination that will work for your home but when the patterns are right the look is so effective and can be such a creative statement in a room.

6. Define areas

When rug layering the placement does not only need to be centralised but rugs especially animal hide can be placed at an angle under chairs so that a certain area or space is defined.


Rug layering defines an area, creates texture, adds contrast and a distinctive element to a room. It is a great way to add a stunning feature to a room.

We have a wide range of Rugs that are perfect for rug layering- Take a look at our favourite rugs for layering that can be found online or instore . Why not experiment or try rug layering in your home to pull together a space and give a room added texture.

Gaucho Asiatic

Sisal Linen Asiatic

Faux Sheepskin


Cow Hide

Sloan Silver


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