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How to Jazz up the IKEA Look

IKEA does absorb up half  of your day when entering one of its store but the time is well worth it when you grab some great affordable home items. The only issue is then your home looks like everyone else’s and you sometimes the material is a giveaway on how cheap the product was.

One way of jazzing up your newly bought sofa is to add some pops of colours with cushions or by adding in a nice soft textured throw.

Ikea tables are always very simple in design but can look a little bit too basic. But like in the image below you can simply add some ornaments or flowers to the top of the table to add some character to the table.

This bed from ikea has a pretty basic bland headboard and base, the best way to lift it against the floor it to place a good sized rug underneath it. It works extra well if you theme your rug into the same style as your bed sheets creating one design flow.

Another IKEA room this time a kids bedroom. It would normally seem a bit cold and harsh. The way they have softened the room they have added in some colour matching cushions and a soft piled rug with the theme yellow and blush pink colours.

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