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Grinch Inspired Christmas Decor – Affordable Home Transformations

Whether you are a full on Christmas Decorator or whether you like keeping it plain and simple, the reds, greens, silvers and golds of the festive season appear in every aspect of life. Whether it is in the office or at home, there are many different ways of creating a Santa’s Grotto or North Pole for less. Helping you save a few pounds to put away for presents and a bigger Turkey!

Forget the large ornaments and the flashing lights, it is all about colour and simplicity and bringing out the Christmas theme through other low cost options. Starting with the product closest to our hearts – Rugs!

We find that reds, greens and grey/silver rugs are the most Christmassy and some of our own ranges of Medium Rugs are less than £40 including delivery! With warm soft rugs covering the floor of your room, you can’t help but feel more at home and in the Christmas Spirit.


If you are going for the Santa’s grotto feel, we have rugs in cream colours which look the part alongside white/silver decorations or fake snow decorations.

If you really want to make a room feel warm and toasty and ready for marshmallows over the fire, we would recommend a festive colour in one of our shaggy rug ranges, with extra long piles which feel great to walk or sit on.

If you are looking to fill a small or medium space, we even have a sheepskin collection which have the longest pile and softest feel. We all have one and we love them!

If you want to go further than rugs, we have done some bargain hunting well in advance of Christmas:

If you are trying to add classic tinsel to banisters, trees and furniture, we recommend Amazon who seem to have quite a number of low cost tinsel sets this year, available in all sorts of colours:


If you are looking for a real tree, and you are an Ikea shopper, IKEA give a £20 voucher with every £25 tree bought…… you a tree for £5! Check it out here:


We also found some small stocking filler / little gifts and Christmas Calendars that we love here for rock bottom prices:


Whatever the theme or the look you are going for, there are ways of getting the price down this Winter. Watch out for Black Friday deals and after Christmas stock up on clearance prices on Christmas Decorations to put away for next year. We hope the information above helps in everyone having a lovely Christmas and thanks for reading. Merry Christmas

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