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Going Retro: Decorating your house 1970’s style

Pinterest has named retro interiors and 1970s furniture as one of its biggest trends this year so far, so we will have a look at some examples of how you can have the retro modern look.

The shag rug is synonymous with 1970’s interiors. Combined with the bronze colours and retro styled table and lamp this is a subtle jump into the 70’s.

This bathroom has adopted the multi pattern tile effect seen in many homes way back when. With the neutral tiles and neutral bathroom suite it isn’t too overpowering. You could also add a neutral non slip mat from or Luna collection

This kitchen is super cute, with its baby blue colour pop in the old style kitchen appliances. To continue this theme some of our colourful runners would work in great in the kitchen.

This vibrant bedroom with its colourful sheets and accessories work in well with the neutral concrete walls. The shape of the bed and the accompanying bedside lockers really give it that retro look. As in the image, a rug works great in the bedroom, i personally think a rich think shaggy rug would work great at the bottom of the bed.

This very simple and plain hallway gives off that scandi retro look, the eye catching mirror matching the drawers from the same period. Even down to the moss coloured green felt chair by the door, everything has that retro but refined feel to it. If you wanted to add some colour while also protecting your hall floors we have a great selection of Luna rubber backed mats.

You do not need to be out a huge expense to get that retro look especially when it comes to the old furniture. Like this set of drawers reclaimed from a charity shop they are freshly painted with a  retro colour and the drawers revarnished, they look great.

This room really does look like it was lifted straight from a 70s tv show. The best rug to add some quality and timeless style is a persian rug, we have some selection online and a wide selection in our Belfast & Newry showrooms.

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