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Get That French Cottage Look

When you think of the french countryside you think of lavender fields and vineyards as far as the eye can see. When you then think of the decor of a french cottage in the countryside you think of a warm and casual feel with natural woods and neutral plain colours.

The above room really does sum up the minimilatic nature of many french home particularly in the countryside. White is the dominant colour with smaller tonal shades like seen in the rug and cushions.

This image just screams soft texture from the material on the sofa and chairs to the knitted cushions. Again the room is finished off with a soft plain natural looking rug.

A way to really get that french look is to add some mid century louis XV inspired furniture as seen in this images, the curves in the design really draw they eye, and the shaggy rug softens the room.

Its such a beautiful way to frame your bed by adding some material texture to the headboard and base. It’s in such a french style with the very high headboard and the foot of the bed high also.

Nothing says more i am in a french cottage than raw untreated wooden tables and chairs covered in pale cheque patterns and a high plate rack on the wall, finished off beautifully with some plain flowers on the table.

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