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Just a few quick pointers about general rug care so that you can maximise its potential and gain many years of enjoyment. These simple tips can be applies to all kinds of rugs in your home or business.

A rug should be turned once or twice a year by 180degrees in order to wear evenly. Try not to use a rug on a very uneven floor. An area of the floor that is raised by a loose floorboard, a transition strip from one floor material to another causes the portion of the rug that is raised to wear much more quickly than other parts of the rug.

If you’re moving a large or heavy wool rug to a new position there is a better way than just pulling on the rug fringe or edge with brute force. A simple trick is to rapidly wave the rug just one or two feet off the ground while pulling it in the direction that you would like to go. The ripple effect sends a cushion of air under the rug making much easier to move and helping to prevent rug damage.

The nature of rugs means that they will very often have curled corners and curled edges. The way rugs are woven means that often the corners and/or ends will tend to curl under. These edges should be straightened when you lay the rug down. If the edges curl badly the rug may need to be looked at by a professional rug repairperson. Using rugs that are badly curled out of shape can cause uneven and unnatural wear patterns that can be very difficult to repair.

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