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Five Ways to Fake a Big Space

Today we’re going to look at clever tricks to make your small space bigger. There’s lots you can do to achieve that elegant, airy, roomy feel of a grand georgian house when in reality you may have a two up-two down terrace as your footprint to work with.

  1. Look up… using clever furnishing and curtain tricks you can create the illusion of high ceilings. Floating shelves and full length curtains hung above the window frame draw the eye skyward, creating the illusion of a much higher ceiling. Make those curtains a translucent voile, add a grand wall mirror and a neutral colour palette and you’re on to a winner!

  1. Floating Furnishings… Clear the area, make space to show off your beautiful floors by hanging whatever items you can. Floating shelves, hanging side tables, and wall sconces will all allow you to leave a blank canvas to add in a cosy rug and bring warm character to your home.

  1. Give it legs… If you can’t hang it from a wall or ceiling then give it legs! This is a great trick, for renters in particular, when you can’t fix anything to a wall. Slim legged furniture elevates it from the floor creating an airy feel to your small space, allowing you to show off an amazing area rug.

  1. Clear Furniture and Mirrors… Add some modern glam to your space with clear furniture; perspex or glass are good options, anything that allows light to pass through the space seamlessly. A few well placed mirrors will allow light to bounce around your space; especially important for those tricky north facing spaces.

  1. Did we mention rugs? A great way to give the illusion of space in a small floor plan is to use area rugs! The perfect way to break up small spaces while also denoting function. Seperate your kids homework desk, the living room and a dining nook all with the clever use of rugs!

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