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Filling the Void – Extra Large Rugs

Decorating a large room does not have to be an intimidating prospect for homeowners. Having a large space to work with means there are several interesting choices available.

Rugs designed for large rooms are offered in traditional and modern designs. Buyers can find floor coverings with short piles, as well as shaggy rugs.

We offer large sizes in a wide majority of our rug ranges, even with the size you do not need to break the big to get such a large rug.

Our Milan range like the rug above we offer large sizes up to 280cm x 365cm for a reasonable price of £159.95.

This Rio range is slightly better quality of rug with a thicker softer pile, you can get this rug in a size up to 160cm x 230cm for £74.95.

We also offer our rubber backed non slip kitchen mats in a larger size which can be used in around the kitchen. This Luna rug comes in 120cm x 160cm again at a really affordable price of £29.95

We have many more ranges that offer rugs in large sizes to browse our extensive rug range click here:


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