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Faux Fur Around the Home

Faux fur or (in layman terms) fake fur rugs are showing up everywhere, used in a variety of ways around the home.  Along with the recently popular Pinterest and Instagram trend of creating unique ways to add texture to a space, faux fur rugs have become the easy and affordable way to create this.

Most sofas will come in a one base colour and all this plain colour can dominate a room. A great way to enhance your sofa is to put a faux fur rug on the sofa either to sit on, resting on the arm or along the back of the sofa, it also brings the added benefit of softening the sofa.

Our faux fur rugs can be used to add texture to a bare floor, for example the above image illustrates how they can be placed under a table to texturise the empty space normally left under an open table.

If your looking to add some luxury to the bedroom and create that cozy underfoot fell then simply add one or even multiple faux fur rugs to your bedroom floor. You can change it up and little and add the fur rugs to the bottom of the bed on top of the bedsheets.

These are just a few example of how you can add texture to spaces around the home, if you want to try some of these tips out here is the link to our Faux Fur Rugs. Click Here

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