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Famous TV Shows Featuring Rugs

Every home needs a rug, including those on the small screen. Below i will look at some of the most popular TV shows which always had a rug featured in one of its main rooms.

This is the most recent of our choices, the Grand Tour Amazons hit car show. The 3 stars would present from their roving tent and the main stage would always have some beautiful persian rugs spread on it softening the harsh wooden stage floor.

One of the most famous shows in the world Friends regularly featured rugs including in their apartments, but the most famous area which had a rug was in the coffee shop the Central Perk.

This dark den was the home of Jesse Pinkman, he had quite expensive taste and the room is layered with numerous rugs rather than one big rug which is a very modern thing to do.

Of all the locations that the Sopranos used to shoot in, the most famous room and the room that was in every season was the councillors room that Tony visited for his weekly session. The vast open room was dominated by a large rug which connected  both seat in the room.

Will & Grace oriented mainly around the living room in the apartment and again they have great taste with this expensive persian centered in the room with sofa set partially over it.

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