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Circular Rugs – Top tips on using a round rug in your home

When we think about rugs we naturally think of rectangular or oblong rugs however a circular rug can be well worth considering particularly if the room you are decorating has an unusual shape.

Circular rugs can be very eye-catching and they can be an excellent focal point in a room. They can emphasise or highlight a particular piece of furniture and can help with the flow of a room. If an area has an unusual shape a circle rug can also help balance an area. Circular rugs come in different sizes and colours although you may be more limited to pattern than oblong shaped rugs there are still many options for you to choose from. Below are our favourite ways and top tips to using a circular rug.

You may want to highlight a particular area whether it is a play area or work area, a circular rug can be extremely effective.

If there there is more than one doorway into a room or if it is a hallway a circular rug can create balance and help to draw the eye to the centre of the room/area.

Using multiple round rugs can add another element and draw the eye to a focal point in the room.

A Round rug placed under a round table or dining area can make a very simple and elegant statement.

Placing a round rug can soften an area especially if there are many hard angled shapes and furniture placed within the room.

Layering Rugs is very on-trend and a circle rug can be an excellent way to highlight an area.

We have a range of Circular rugs available within Some of our favourite and most popular round rugs are shown below or check out our full range of circular rugs online or instore.

Farhan Circles 

Ontario Circles

Kids Circles

Barrington Circles 

Milan Circles 

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