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Choosing Your Furniture to Match Your Rug

When you have selected the perfect rug for your home you need to ensure that it fits in with the rest of your home in particular the furniture. If you are moving into a new home and need furniture these are the things to keep in mind when buying furniture for your home.

Even a simple working desk needs to fit in with your rug, this desk and chair are so subtle in tone the would work with most rugs, but if fits perfectly with the mono washed tone of the navy rug.

Outdoor rugs are becoming more and more popular and people are investing in more quality styled outdoor furniture, both products are washable and weatherproof, our newly designed Habitat flatweave rugs will match with most outdoor decor.

A cowhide rug can be hard to match with furniture and the best way to go as seen in this photo is to use neutral furniture in particular glass styled table as they bounce off the hides pattern beautifully.

Darker rich toned rugs work well with similarly tone furniture like in this photo the greens from the rug can be seen in the seat and purples in the walls.

Rather than go neutral with your sofa you can match your rug with a exact colour matched sofa, it is best thou to have the sofa colour a little be lower in tone in terms of colour to stop the colour been too dominate in the room.

Shape is also a very important thing with rugs, for example in this image the circular rug is framed really well with either a round table on the rug or a curved sofa to go around the rug.

Now you know what to do to compliment your rug now you just need to find your perfect rug, browse our extensive ranges online at:

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