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Children’s Rugs

The most exciting room in the house, bright stimulating décor is what most people desire for their kids bedrooms and playrooms. Area rugs specifically designed for children is one of the best and cheapest ways to brighten up you child’s space. Good childrens rugs are designed for play and education.

With advancements in rug making in recent years there are rugs available for all age groups from new-borns to teenagers and everything in between. Things have moved on from the traditional kids rugs with brightly coloured squares to a world of imagination and adventure from giraffes to aliens, dollhouses to farm animals and much more. Thomas the Tank Engine, Dora the Explorer, Sponge Bob, Winnie the Pooh… character rugs are all the rage, full of personality and usually part of a lively decoration scheme. For younger children brightly coloured rugs in the shape of butterflies, motorcars, teddy bears and fire engines will stimulate the imagination and create a calm restful surrounding. Interactive kids rugs are the new buzzword and with good reason. These brightly coloured play villages, zoos, fantasy lands, space odysseys, dollhouses and farms open up a whole new world of play. Brightly coloured and designed for play this new range is made from an innovative new material called corterra meaning they are anti-stain allowing any stains to be removed with a damp cloth. They are also machine washable, non-slip, colourfast and very importantly soft piled making them super comfy for little feet. With a range of six interactive designs and five sizes there will be something to suit your little one.

Studies have shown that exposing children to an artistic environment is great for the development a child. Parents wanting to create this kind of an environment for their children should look for rugs designed specifically with children in mind as they are generally brighter with more interesting shapes and designs than those designed for the adults.

Learning rugs are becoming increasingly popular, adorned with the alphabet, word maps, colour or number charts or the ever-popular hopscotch and snakes and ladders games. This isn’t forced learning my any means this is passive learning were children are surrounded by educational tools without ever knowing it which helps familiarise them with the worlds of language, geography and numbers. These rugs are particularly useful for kids with learning difficulties as stimulation is often key to their development.

Childrens rugs come in a wide variety of sizes, materials, and qualities. Keep in mind before you buy your child’s developmental age,
How long will this rug be suitable for their age?
Is there a sibling or friend the rug can be passed on to?

Asking these questions will help you decide how much you want to spend on a rug for your child.

Things to look for when buy a kids rug:
Machine washable
Soft Pile
Stain resistant

Take a moment to check out our rugs for sale and filter through our range to find your perfect rug. We have a collection of sizes, styles and colours for you to choose from ranging from coloured large rugs to small runner rugs.

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