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Celebrity Style for Your Floors – Famous Star Tastes

Everyone loves a good nosey into a celebs life and even more so into their home. Here we have a look at some stars living rooms and see what type or rug they like.

This is the living room of Jennifer Aniston from Friends fame. She has some luxurious intimate details with very exotic fabrics especially from her soft viscose taupey brown rug.

Will Ferrel’s apartment has a very plain and simply feel to it, he was went for a plain short pile wool rug which adds warmth to the room along with the artificial fire.

The most interesting home we came across was Gerard Butlers in Manhattan. Its is very open planned with his dinning table within his living room, he rounds up the living room area with a washed out Persian rug, creating a distinctive area to sit an in with the room rustic decor.

The coolest guy in Hollywood Samuel L Jackson also has a cool living room, the large dominant fireplace really shows his large character and its finished off beautifully with a red Bukhara Persian rug.

Meg Ryan’s living room is a cozy and chic retreat. Vintage details such as the art and the lamps combined with the airy feeling of the room and luxurious details. The plain knitted short pile rug matches in perfectly with the furniture around it.

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