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Buying rug can be so stressful. We all know what it’s like dragging huge rugs all the way home to find that is wrong colour/size and then having to bring it back again. With such busy lives we just don’t have time for that.

Here are some tips for getting the right rug in the first instance.

Take sample from your room that you want to match. This could include a cushion cover, colour of you wall or pictures that you may want your rug to match.  If you can’t take these items out then take pictures on your phone.

Don’t forget to take measurements of the space that you have for the rug.  This can be difficult. You will probably know what size and the area you want the rug to cover. As a loose guide you would want to leave a border of around 18 inches of floor still on view. If it is a hall runner you’re after it should be no more than 4 inches narrower than the hall and no more than 18inches shorter.

Don’t overlook a thick shag pile – you may think that they are so 1970’s – been there done that. You’ll be surprised with the look of new shaggy rugs the colours and look are so inviting not to mention cosy under your feet.

Rugs can easily give a room character. They can take the chill of a hard wood floor. There are many choices with colours and materials available. Think about how much the room will be used. Light colours will make the room look larger. Padding can decrease the wear and tear of the rug and make it easier to vacuum.

Most importantly there are no set rules if you love a colour that would traditionally clash -go for it, after all it will be you looking at it every day.


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Take a moment to check out our rugs for sale and filter through our range to find your perfect rug. We have a collection of sizes, styles and colours for you to choose from ranging from coloured large rugs to small runner rugs.

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