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Brighten Up a Dark Space for Summer With a Rug

With the Great British weather, we all spend a great deal of time indoors during the Summer, while our European mainland counterparts enjoy hours of unbroken sunshine. However we British have taken to this in the way we know best – shopping for our homes.

A staggering 46% of British homeowners admit to starting room makeovers in July and August. Quite often these makeovers involve rugs which are one of the easiest ways of making a room flourish. Whether it’s a long narrow room which needs a thin runner rug or a wide room which needs one of our XL rugs, we have all needs covered.

What we are focusing on this Summer and Autumn, is how to use rugs to brighten up dark spaces. Leading the way are the Ochre / Yellow colours, which by their very nature bring a room to life.

Some of the most basic and affordable Ochre Rugs we have are the Vancouver Range of Shaggy Rugs. Shaggy Rugs by their very nature bring a warmth to any room at any time of the year.

They work best in a cosy room and because of their thick pile, these rugs are as comfortable to sit on as they are to walk on. The Ochre colour adds immediate warmth and brightness and at the moment, its very easy to find other home and decor products in the same colour.

If you are looking for an Ochre rug with more of a design and pattern to brighten up your dark space, our Milan range have Ochre colours instilled in many different patterns to suit any home or space.

From the modern Ochre geometric triangles design, based initially on a Scandinavian feel.

To the subtle Ochre addition to this traditional grey rug.

To complement rugs providing a brightness and warmth from the ground up, we often recommend warm lighting to customers to make a room bright but cosy at any time of day. Some of our favourites are John Lewis’ Mia Ceiling Lighting.

If positioned carefully, low level lighting such as lamps can do just as good a job (and for half the price and much easier to install.

There are hundreds of ideas on how to brighten up a room and we have found that some of our room brightening rugs have been matched perfectly with other home and decor products on Pinterest by other savvy decorators.

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