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Blending Blush Tones

With dulux announcing ‘Spiced Honey’ as their Colour of the Year 2019, we are seeing a more varied palette of the blush tones coming in homes. It’s a revisiting of gentle, earthen tones like terracotta and taupe, gold, peach and blush. Let’s take a look at these beautiful options.

Millennial Pink! It’s the colour that has defined the last few years and doesn’t seem to be slowing down in popularity. The versatility of this tone is it’s strongest asset. Softening grey tones, warning copper and gold accents and blending with mauves. Try pairing this Diamond Grey and Pink rug with accents of millennial pink in the room, cushions or lamps.

Try coral in a room that needs a little warmth. It will give a natural flash of colour that’s cosy and comforting yet stylish. Keep it simple and elegant with a Blox rug and neutral furnishing.

Pale or punchy, peach is making a come back and it feels like a natural progression from pink. Paired with neutral accessories and with a strong focus on black or white furniture would look amazing. We love this combination of modern and hand woven geometric rug but if its a little too adventurous, try Tuzla rug with peach cushions.

Heather just on the edge of the pink colour palette but still in there, will bring a calm and warmth into your living space. Balance this with smoky taupes, dusky mauves and metallics to strike great a balanced contrast. Perfect for a bedroom and this scosy, soft Cascade Heather.

Blush pink, the not quite neutral, neutral. Pair with stronger colours to allow the blush to shine and becomes a statement in the room. We love teal or navy with blush pink. Try the navy walls and keep your rug light with the Barrington Blush pink rug.

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