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Blankety Blank Neutral Rug Tones

Neutral colours always work well in interiors because they support so many different styles. These types of colours will never go out of fashion and they make for a perfect foundation on which you can build on. They also provide a calming feeling to any room. Here are some ways you can incorporate rugs into your neutral interior.

Metallic tones

Metallic tones bring a distinctively modern feel and are ever growing in popularity. Keep in mind that there are ways to incorporate the trend without using the actual metals. The Ascot rug with the subtle silver viscose border will add a lovely lustre tone.


To add a little definition to your neutral interior try incorporating a shaggy rug. By adding soft textures you’ll really warm up the room which will feel comforting, especially on those cold winter nights.

Helsinki Range

Barrington Range

Earthy Neutrals

Use warmer tones of golds, coppers and brozen to give your neutrals a softer feeling. This will create a luxurious earthy element to your room. The Dolce range is the perfect example of this.

A dash of colour

Some minimalist interiors are taking on a less organised look and incorporating washed pastels like mint greens and sofly pinks. The key to achieving this is a harmonising the colour scheme and making sure there is an organic shade blend. This Deco Pastel rug is this the perfect example of this harmonisation.

Mindful Interior

Neutrals are perfect to create a space that encompasses serenity and calm. You can add woven texture to give the space an authentic feel but not distracting from the overall calm of the space. Any wool flatweave will give this effect but we love the Katherine Carnaby Coast range. Available in-store.

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