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American rug retailers are stocking up on Persian rugs in preparation for the US sanctions against Iran which come into effect on the 29th September 2010. As part of US legislation – a ban will be put in place on all Iranian imports including Persian rugs which will no longer be allowed into the USA. This strict regulation is part of a broad array of sanctions

In the against Iran that was passed by the US Congress on July 1st. past the trade of Traditional Persian rugs was exempt from the goods embargoed but the US government has moved to intensify the sanctions in effect in relation to Iran and so now carpets have been blacklisted as well. Originally the US had claimed that they would only target certain goods for the embargo. These targeted sanctions were intended to harm state banks, shipping lines and military run companies and not the industries which employ the majority of Iran’s poorest citizens such as the pistachio and rug making industries.

Persia rugs have been the most sought after luxury rug for almost two centuries making the names of the rug making regions of Iran famous such as Tabriz, Kashan, Gabbeh and Kashmar among others. The USA is one of the biggest importers of Persian rugs in the world and this embargo is likely to harm the rug industry in Iran. Development of carpet weaving and knotting techniques in other countries such as China, India, Pakistan and Turkey in recent years have somewhat lessened the allure of the Persian rug but many, particularly in the US, the Persian rugs is still the preeminent rug to have.

While it is unclear the extent to which the Persian rug industry in Iran will be damaged, many are speculating that there will be a sharp increase in sales in September before the Persian rug ban comes into place as retailers stock up on these valued possessions. Many are also suggesting that the price of Persian rugs will increase for the duration of the embargo as the rugs become scarcer. It has been suggested however that politicians are moving quietly and quickly toward a resolution which have prompted rumours that the sanctions on the carpet industry will be scrapped before too much damage can be done. Only time will tell what the outcome will be for the Iranian rug manufacturers – we’ll keep you informed.

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