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Affordable Faded & Distressed Rug Look

Faded & Distressed Rug Look 

A recent trend in the interiors world is the faded, antique Persian-style rugs. It’s not a NEW trend by any means, but I think the use of these traditional style rugs in modern design is rather new.

They work in most spaces in the home. Traditional, transitional, modern, minimalist- you name it.  Why they work so well is because they add soft pattern and color without being graphic and they add a softness to rooms that may otherwise feel cold and stark.

Our in house designed Halcyon rugs bring you that distressed Persian rug look for a fraction of the cost

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This Duck Egg design is a mix of the popular trending duck egg colour and the faded persian design.

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The most traditional colour associated with the faded rug look is the washed out grey style. Its fits it perfectly to any room in the home due to its neutral tone and pale colours.

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One of my personal favourites of our Halcyon range is the blue design, it remindsme of a crisp frosty morning and the blue tones really stand out against the white and grey background.

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All of the above rugs are also available in a runner size. The Halcyon design is made from the best quality materials it is non shed and easy to clean. A purchase of one of these rugs will certainley add some classy style to a room in your home at a fraction of the cost.

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