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Affordable Designer Distressed Traditional Rug Look

Antique vintage rugs were once a thing of the past, but now have gained a lot of attention in the design world as the demand for these styles become even more popular. Our in-house designer has created a selection of Distressed Vintage rugs at affordable prices.


The Boho range has a patchwork quality that makes the eye wander from patch to patch following the various patterns.

This range has traditional elements with subtle tones that blends into all surroundings. Available in a neutral mix of greys, or grey with blush pink – pair with other pastel colours to add the wow-factor to your room.

Each distressed rug is a unique work of art, which can enhance any interior. If used in a minimal room with neutral colors, they add a dash of color, a centerpiece that stands out and brings together its surroundings.

They can also be used in a colorful room, by carefully choosing a rug in a color that sets off the tones of the d├ęcor and furnishings.

In this context, it can be part of a design that envelops you in a warming feeling, touched with a hint of the Orient.

Distressed rugs are a great compromise between bold and neutral, and between classic and modern. This range is available exclusively at

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